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Secret Commissions Charged By Energy Brokers

Energy Brokers

When you’re running your own business, time is precious and sometimes you simply do not have the luxury of shopping around to obtain the best deals available. That’s when third party introducers such as energy brokers come in. They have the inside track on the most cost-effective energy packages on the market for your utility usage needs.

But were you aware of what they charged for this service (or how it was calculated)?

Many businesses who use these brokers are completely unaware that they were being charged significant fees – fees that may have been agreed between the broker and the energy provider before the business had even been introduced!

Your broker, your agent.

In many cases the brokers get paid through a sizeable commission added directly on to a business’s energy bill. As your agent, they are obligated to disclose (and account for) all commissions received. Where a broker has kept that commission secret, their principal (the energy company) must pay it back.

Worse still, the deals some brokers secure are not what is best for the customer but what is best for them – often locking customers into long-term bad value deals so they can enjoy hefty commissions on the back of them.

It is estimated that £2bn in secret commissions is charged each year by energy brokers to the business sector!
JLG can help recover those often-sizeable commissions back from unscrupulous energy brokers.

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