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Practice Areas

Johnson Law Group offers expert legal advice and assistance in a variety of practice areas from Pension Mis-selling claims to supporting businesses in their COVID Business Interruption claims. Click on one of our services below to learn more.

Commercial Utility Broker Commissions

Has your business engaged the services of an energy broker for your utilities? If so, you may have been wrongfully charged secret commissions by the broker that they are obliged to refund to your business.

Data Breach Claims

Your personal data is protected by law, with strict safety obligations in place to prevent people and organisations from using it to make money without your consent. If your data has been mis-used or unlawfully hacked, you may have a claim.

Covid Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Do you run a business that has an insurance policy that protects against damage-related interruptions? Courts ruled policyholders will also be covered for closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mis-sold Car Finance PCP

Did the dealership or salesperson thoroughly explain the car financing agreement and provide alternative options? The financier may be held liable for mileage underestimation, unexplained interest rates, and hidden commissions.